Zinc & Copper Re-Natured®

Zinc & Copper Re-Natured®

Wholefood Zinc functions as a potent antioxidant as well as participating in all major biochemical pathways and plays multiple roles in the perpetuation of genetic material, including transcription of DNA, translation of RNA, and ultimately cell division.

It is estimated that there are more than 100 enzymes in the human body that require zinc to enable them to properly function. Zinc acts as a cofactor for the enzymes, especially those involved with the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Further to this it is estimated that 3000 of the 100,000 or so proteins involved in human life contain zinc

Zinc has been found to be beneficial in the following areas:

  • It supports the immune system.
  • Helps the body to heal wounds
  • Assists in the digestion process
  • Plays a role in reproduction and physical growth
  • Contributes towards controlling normal blood sugar levels
  • It may contribute to controlling diabetes and also play a role with regulating taste and smell.
  • Helps to regulate taste and smell.

Zinc is recognized as a nutrient that has been shown to successfully treat the common cold. Clinical studies have shown that 75% of the adult population of western nations are zinc deficient.

Zinc therefore is an extremely important trace mineral which is essential for the synthesis of protein and which helps to regulate the production of cells in the body's immune system

Copper allows many critical enzymes to function properly.

One of the major consequences of long-term consumption of excessive zinc intake it was found is copper deficiency. Further to this it was found that as with many components in the body Copper and Zinc are two nutrients that work together as a pair.

Grown By Nature's Re-Natured® Zinc and Copper is formulated with zinc at a balance of 15:1 ratio the optimum balance of the two nutrients ensuring that they both work in partnership with each other and support one another in all of their important functions within the body. Also this optimum balance of the two nutrients ensures that their absorption is not adversely affected.

Furthermore, zinc and copper should be supplemented in the appropriate ratio, as imbalances may affect the proper formation of bone and create additional imbalances.

Zinc and copper have related roles in many bodily functions and the balance between the two nutrients is important. Copper and zinc function together in the antioxidant enzyme copper-zinc superoxide dismutase.

Grown By Nature's Re-Natured® Zinc plus Copper is complexed in a lactobacillus bulgaricus - instead of yeast. This is a food medium naturally rich in minerals and B vitamins and hence it naturally has receptor sites for these nutrients.

Product Information: 60capsules = 60 days supply

Each tablet provide on average % RDA


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