Grown By Nature nutrients are delivered in the proper method within our bodies. Our Whole Food organic nutrients have all the necessary food co-factors that are necessary for proper use within our bodies. With high absorption and little if any waste, these highly concentrated nutrients have been shown to be better absorbed, retained and utilized than the standard chemical source for so-called “vitamins and minerals”. When you consider the chemical alternative and carefully evaluate the sources in which they are derived, our inner instincts lead us to believe that something is wrong about the concept of chemicals for health. In nature, vitamins and minerals make up a small percentage in a natural food complex. When you hold a potato in your hand, you can’t point out the vitamin c, or the Magnesium or Iron. These vitamins and minerals are found within the whole food complex in very small portions.

YES. Grown By Nature supplements are completely safe to take even with your yeast sensitivity and this is why. Most people who have yeast allergies are sensitive to the proteins in the yeast wall membrane. The enzyme digestion process breaks down this membrane and there is no active yeast left in the Re-Natured nutrients once digestion has finished. In fact the whole yeast cell structure no longer exists, yet it retains all the vital nutritional components in an easily digestible and biologically active form. Every batch microbiologically tested to ensure this process has occurred. In the 30 plus years these nutrients have been taken world-wide, there has never been a single case of a reaction to Grown By Nature nutrients.

Our Multivitamin & Mineral does contain Iron and we are proud to say so. Iron has received bad press due to the chemical source for Iron, which usually can be found as: (Ferric pyrophosphate- an iron rock processed with pyrophosphoric acid. It is used in fireproofing and in pigments*, Ferrous sulfate is the rock known as melanterite. It is used as a fertilizer, wood preservative, weed-killer, and pesticide) source: The Merck Index, An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs, and Biologicals, 1996

It was also reported that chemical vitamin E and chemical Iron will negate each other and may cause adverse effects. This is also why some companies have opted to leave Iron out of their formulations. Green leafy vegetables contain Iron. Potatoes and many other natural foods contain Iron. The only problem that does exist is the depletion of Iron in our foods. This is why we are proud to offer Iron in a natural food complex. When our bodies receive exactly what we need in a natural form with Grown By Nature’s Iron, we can safely deal with the remainder if any.

No, we do not. When you go out to a salad bar, do they offer both a men and women’s salad bar? Nature does not offer fruit and vegetables in that manner, and neither will we. Yes, the needs of the woman and the man may differ, but specific needs will vary amongst gender as well. We offer the most complete range of complete nutrients available on the market in our Multivitamin & Mineral and other multi-formulas. We understand each individual is unique, therefore we also offer individual nutrients in their respective food complex. See our complete list of vitamins and minerals. We also have designed support packages for various needs.

No we do not. Chewable multivitamins are prepared with the intention to be palatable for the children, and usually will contain sweeteners, or even worse, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame when advertised as “SUGAR FREE”. The purpose of the supplement for children is the same as it is for adults. It should “Supplement” what is missing in our diets, whether it is through poor diet choices, or the simple fact that our foods are depleted of these essential vitamins and minerals. Only Grown By Nature delivers what it is we seek for our children, real nutrients. If our Children’s Multivitamin is difficult to swallow for your child 4 years or older, we suggest you crush the tablet and mix it into a nutritious meal or snack.

Our children are so precious and ultimately we are responsible for the quality of foods and supplements they take. Please carefully review all ingredient labels and ask yourself whether or not you recognize any of the ingredients as being of nature. ONLY natural foods will feed our bodies and our little ones’ bodies too.

The terms liquid nutrients or gel-suspended nutrients are a result of marketing attempts to obtain an advantage in a very saturated market. The truth of the matter is all the consumer has to do is read the ingredient label. Liquid nutrients refer to water with chemical nutrients diluted into it. Rather than putting the crystalline powder in a capsule or tablet, it gets diluted into water or other drink preparations. Read the labels on these energy drinks, energy shots, liquid multivitamins, fortified cereals, baby formulas, etc. and you will find identical ingredients in all of them if they advertise the same “so-called” vitamins and minerals. There are only a handful of pharmaceutical companies that provide the same ingredients to thousands of various companies. That would be fine if the ingredients were of quality and from nature, but they are not. Absorption is often viewed as the most important factor when deciding on which supplement is most suitable for you and your needs. Yet, Utilization is the most important factor. “Will my body be able to use what it has absorbed?” The isolated chemical nutrients found in Liquid Vitamins and Gel-suspended preparations lack the necessary food co-factors to be utilized correctly within our bodies. Grown By Nature’s nutrients have been shown to be better absorbed, retained, and utilized than the standard source which is found in virtually all of the chemical sourced competition.

A: We do have retail centers that carry Grown By Nature and are constantly working on obtaining new vendors and Reps. Please help us simply by calling your local vitamin retailers and ask them to carry Grown By Nature. At the present moment, we are working on obtaining retail centers to carry our line. Thank you for your patience as we continue to grow. God bless

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