Selenium, Iodine, and B-12 Re-Natured®

Selenium, Iodine, and B-12 Re-Natured®

Double the dosing of our original Selenium and paired with vital Iodine and B-12, this new product is a must.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral, and the body only requires small amounts to function properly. It works as an antioxidant, especially when it is combined with vitamin E. Antioxidants like selenium help in the fight against damaging particles in the body known as 'harmful' free radicals - it is essential for the good health of human beings.

What is the role of Selenium in the body?

  • It may help to prevent oxidative damage to the body from harmful free radicals along with other antioxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E.
  • Its antioxidant properties may contribute towards slowing down the ageing process.
  • It may help to protect against a number of degenerative disorders and chronic diseases
  • It is incorporated into proteins to make selenoproteins, which are important antioxidant enzymes.
  • It assists in keeping blood vessels healthy so is connected to the circulatory system
  • It works synergistically with vitamin E
  • Its antioxidant properties may help to inhibit the development certain diseases which may affect the heart and blood vessels and may cause hardening of the arteries, (atherosclerosis) .
  • It may play an essential role in the normal functioning of the immune system and thyroid gland.
  • It plays an important role in the body's enzyme function, and may help to stimulate the production of antibodies.
  • Helps to induce the repair of DNA in damaged cells, so limits the growth of malformed cells
  • It is critical for proper functioning of the thyroid gland and the production and regulation of thyroid hormones.

What is the role of Iodine in the body?

Around 60% of the iodine in the human body is stored in the thyroid gland. Its health benefits play a very important role in the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, which secretes thyroid hormones that control the base metabolic rate of the body. In fact, without it, thyroid hormones could not even be synthesized.

What is the role of B12 in the body?

Vitamin B12- may aid in: Carbohydrate, fat & protein metabolism, maintains nervous system & blood cell formation.


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