B.I.O. Liquid Supplement and Organic Energy Concentrate Re-Natured®

B.I.O. Liquid Supplement and Organic Energy Concentrate Re-Natured®

Re-Natured® B.I.O., liquid helps promote stamina and endurance by making cellular metabolism more efficient and effective. enabling the cells to make and recycle energy molecules more efficiently.

The body breaks down a substance called ATP, adenosine tri-phosphate. The ADP, adenosine tri-phosphate, is then rebuilt back into ATP, adenosine tri-phosphate enabling the cells to make and recycle energy molecules more efficiently.

It contains phosphorylated glucose, yeast extract complexes, and phosphates in an amino-acid base, all formulated in the Food State format.

Why might you choose to take Re-Natured® B.I.O.?

Formula GP, has been shown to help athletes and individuals undertaking an exercise regime to achieve good levels of stamina, endurance and performance by providing energy both to the body and the brain.

Allergy Concerns: There are no known allergic reactions to ingredients in this formula

Re-Natured® Guarantees: FREE FROM wheat; gluten; yeast; milk products (lactose); added sugars, colours, flavourings and preservatives

**NOTES: A diabetic on treatment should consult their doctor before taking Re-Natured® B.I.O., as it may affect their therapy level.

B.I.O., a bulk ingredient energy concentrate contains all of the natural building blocks of protein (16 essential amino acids), complex carbohydrates, bio-flavonoids, bio-natured vitamin C, phosphorus, vanadium, GTF Chromium and nutritional electrolytes (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium).

B.I.O. Independent scientific studies show B.I.O. supplies more than twice the energy of either fructose or glucose, with no significant hypoglycaemic effect.

B.I.O. is a highly concentrated energy drink, which supplies elevated amounts of energy with low calorie intake. Active people and athletes need additional energy resources when competing or exercising. Ordinary energy supplements only provide isolated food derivatives such as carbohydrates, proteins and sugar products. In contrast, the building blocks found in B.I.O. are food energy without the bulk, cellulose, fats and starches that you don’t want just prior to exercise.

Conversely, for dieters who tend to reduce their natural source of energy by avoiding starches and carbohydrates, B.I.O. is non-fattening, and can be used as a carbohydrate substitute to fill this energy gap.

The recommended serving of B.I.O. is 1 fl.oz. taken 40 minutes before your event or workout or immediately after to accelerate recovery.

16 oz.

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