Amber Lynn Vitale, CN, ACC, BCHN®, CDSP™
Educator in Holistic Nutrition and Supplementation

Amber Lynn Vitale, CN, ACC, BCHN®, CDSP™ is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®  and is a Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ under the oversight of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. She is also an Ayurvedic Clinical Consultant and has produced an online course in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for the Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine. Much of her nutrition practice has been in collaboration with Functional Medicine doctors and other Integrative Practitioners. By 2012 she had realized that raw materials sourcing, labeling transparency, legitimate certifications, and educational support were the criteria that would set quality natural products brands apart from the rest; and she made it her mission to educate the public about the standards that ensure a reliable product.  In 2014 she became an industry insider, working behind the scenes in product education for a major supplement brand for 9 years. She continues to write, lecture, and produce online content on health and wellness topics important to the brand and the consumer alike. In 2020 she and her family of four moved from Brooklyn, NY to a 25-acre farm in Montana where they now raise sheep, ducks, chickens, and Border Collies. This is where Amber now puts theory into practice remediating the soil, improving plant and animal health as well as that of her family and community, and discovering the herbs that the land offers for the people living in that ecosystem.

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